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Terms and Conditions


We have put in place these terms and conditions of use of our website.

(1) Definitions

The following should apply to the terms and conditions set out below:
“OM” – means Ocho Maeve International Pte Ltd
“Customer” – means the customer purchasing from OM

(2) Payment

  1. Your online payment is done via a 3rd party payment company PayPal. For more information, please refer to the PayPal website at
  2. The customer shall promptly pay on demand all charges levied in respect of the purchases made at OM shown in the official bill issued by your bank.
  3. In the event that any charges remained unpaid and the bank has deemed it as a bad debt, your account will be black listed and you will be bane from purchasing from us again.

(3) Charges

The price for all products and shipping/handling costs at be at the rate prescribed by OM from time to time.

(4) Customer’s Responsibility

  1. Your online order and personal information is secured, using Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL). All data is encrypted and stored on a secure server, to ensure that the information transmitted is secured. Look out for a closed lock or unbroken key on your computer to double check that SSL is enabled. You may be unable to connect to the server if your version of browser and firewall do not permit communication through secure servers.
  2. to ensure that your computer's firewall, antivirus and cache are updated and cleaned conscientiously.
  3. In the event that you at any point after your order have been processed wish to change or cancel the order, kindly contact us via email or phone within 4 hours of payment confirmation, to make the arrangements to change or cancel the order. Otherwise, the order will be regarded as being processed and terms outlined in the Return/Exchange Policy will have to be obliged. Please note that Return/Exchange is currently only applicable to Singaporean as a case by case basis.
  4. Promptly pay your credit card bills.
  5. All of our items go through a thorough quality inspection and properly wrapped. We process your orders as soon as we receive them. Our real time inventory is only reflected at the time of check out. You will only be charged for items that are confirmed purchased by you. Promptly check all items that have been delivered to you. Missing items not reported within 24 hrs of delivery is deemed your negligence and OM will not entertain such cases. For Return/Exchange, please refer to Customer Service on our website.
  6. You have to first be our member providing OM with all required personal information before you cab purchase from us. OM will verify all email addresses.

(5) OM ’s Right, Responsibility, Liability and Non-Liability

  1. OM uses the Address Verification Systems to check if the address given is authentic.
  2. OM shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to any of your personal information, provided to us.
  3. Any personal information provided to us will be regarded as information supplied to us with your consent and will be used for its intended purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy.
  4. OM reserves the right to refuse any purchase and/or bulk purchases if we suspect that you are buying for distribution and it is a fraudulent case. OM will contact your bank for verification when necessary.
  5. OM has established distributorship rights for items sold in our website for numerous countries in Asia and Singapore. To avoid infringing any copy right laws and/or distributorship laws, please contact OM prior to your bulk purchases.
  6. OM do not accept orders from the below countries:
    1. Indonesia
    2. Romania
    3. Nigeria
    4. Ukraine
    5. Yugoslavia
    6. Lithuania
    7. Egypt
    8. Bulgaria
    9. Turkey
    10. Russia
    11. Pakistan
    12. Ghana
  7. OM may still requests for further identification card details, credit card details and/or bank statements for further proof is necessary even if you do not reside in the countries listed in (f).
  8. OM reserves the right for all photographs, graphics and images found on our website. To avoid infringing any copy right laws, do not copy our photographs, graphics and images.
  9. OM is part of the Madrid Protocal and has trademarks and copy rights in varies countries. 
  10. All freight charges will be borne by the customer unless otherwise stated.
  11. OM uses only Speedpost/registered mail (air/surface parcel and courier services for worldwide delivery), a service by The Singapore Post Office. The delivery time should not take longer than 20 working days. If the parcel has not been delivered by then, it is the customer's responsibility to email or call OM to check on its status.
  12. OM uses only Singapore Post normal post for local deliveries.
  13. OM will capture and retain Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses to further screen for fraud.


(5) Return policy

  1. Enclose the invoice of the merchandise you are returning and/exchanging.
  2. All return and refund only applies to local (Singapore) purchases only. We sincerely apologize for not entertaining purchases made overseas.
  3. Return/Refund Policy only for local purchase (in Singapore):
    • Goods to be returned must be done within 3 days of purchase date.
    • Goods returned are made at 160 Paya Lebar Road #07-03 Orion@Paya Lebar 
    • If you have decided to post the item(s) back to us, we will not be responsible for any damaged or lost of product when you make the return/exchange.
    • Goods returned are neither worn nor damaged.
    • All tags and labels are not to be removed from goods returned.
    • Original receipts must be produced for return or exchange.
    • Exchanges can be made for swimwear and other clothing and apparels ONLY and while stocks last.
    • Exchanges can be made ONLY for swimwear bottoms with hygiene stickers still attached.
    • Exchanges are only available for items with an equal or higher value than the goods returned.
    • For exchanges with items of a higher value, a top up will be required.
    • All returns and refunds are subjected to Management's approval and may not be immediate.

(6) Notices

Any notices should be made in writing to OM.


(7) Applicable Law and Discipline

This agreement shall be subjected to and constructed in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Singapore. All proceedings in relation to any matter in dispute arising out of or in conjunction with this agreement shall be commenced in the courts of the Republic of Singapore and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.


(8) OM Prices and Products

All our prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD). We have provided various Payment Methods for your convenience using the PayPal Payment Gateway. For your protection, some credit card orders may require additional verification and follow up.